Travilix is a start-up travel technology company based in Toronto, Canada. In 2021, the company is planning on the first release of, which is an unprecedented online travel customization platform that provides global travel information, customized travel itineraries, and social community for travel lovers.

Breaking through the conventional tourism industry has become increasingly complex. Travilix is building a new technological travel service medium that helps consumers, traditional travel agencies, and more stakeholders to get connected.

  • Easy-to-use Trip Planner

  • Global Travel Information Hub

  • All-in-one Travel Service Platform

The “Roadbook” system is an online travel itinerary drag-and-drop builder for users to play around with. With the AI-powered algorithms, users are able to create a unique itinerary based on the travel preferences selected. We thrive on establishing strategic partnerships with global travel suppliers, tour guides, and tourism ministries in order to provide the most updated, accurate, and detailed information for users, as well as options for booking.

“Roadbook Destination” focuses on building a travel information hub for all the travellers over the world. Users can easily plan their trips within our database of attractions, restaurants, activities, hotels, tour guides, cruises, and flights, covering more than 240 countries and regions. We are committed to establishing a diversified and friendly community that enables users to share reviews and experiences.

“Roadbook Community” is a travel-focused community that inspires travel lovers to share blogs, posts, and insights. Users can also ask and reply questions in the community. The community has set up rewards to encourage users’ engagement. With the growing activeness of “Roadbook Community”, it is bound to become the most diverse and creative travel social platform for travel lovers.

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