Turn the boring data into straightforward visuals and insights

Make a smarter marketing decision with real-time campaign feedback

Store and Review

Store all marketing data in one place and keep all campaigns, automations and more on track.

Visualize and Generate

Present the real-time campaign status straightforwardly, and generate actionable insights.

Learn and Understand

Learn about detailed customer behaviour through visualized data. Create in-depth marketing campaign.

Monitor and Determine

Monitor ROI and track customer journey from view to purchase. Determine high-value customer cohort.

Ignite your growth by technology

ATA Technology’s bidding models leverage your product margins, lifecycle stage, conversion rates, sales, and price changes to formulate the dynamic bids aligned with your goals.

The most efficient way to get results

A lot of advertisers say they test. But what sets us apart is what they lack: a systematic approach to iterative testing that drives real results. From creative executions to audience segmentation, our team is always testing to help you maintain a competitive edge. We track all facets of your marketing initiatives to get a holistic view of the performance. This allows us to identify quick wins and strategy insights that get you maximum engagement and results.

Visualize and interpret everything from scratch

We’re obsessed with interpreting data from a psychological standpoint – meaning we don’t just pass you a set of heat-maps and make some guesses. You’ll get a firsthand data dashboard wherein our team analyzes both qualitative and quantitative data for all possible opportunities.

Big or small, we can handle it all

Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your site or need us to make day-by-day changes, we’re well equipped to take care of virtually all of your needs. Whatever it is, our develop team, analyst team and creative team are ready to take it on.