You can achieve more than revenue on your website

Rich content, fancy appearance and smart back-end system… These are real magic

Book and Retrieve

Customers are allowed to book hotels, flights and cars with smart booking engine, retrieve real-time ticketing data.

Enrich and Expand

Manage necessary features on one-for-all  reservation platforms, group discounts, markups, service fees and more.

Personalize and Earn

Maximize your travel products, increase customer experience by making personalized adaptation to content.

Control and Integrate

Use integrated payment getaways to control your payment methods for better revenue management.

Seamlessly connect travel products with real-time ticketing data

We know that it is quite important for a travel company to retrieve real-time ticketing data and provide information in time to front-end customers directly. The one-for-all reservation platform helps you manage the booking platform easily and efficiently without the investment in GDS format.

Maximize your capability of product management

With the increased inventory, you will have more flexibility to adjust content and provide discount. The “Thomalex” booking engine will help improve customer experience with personalized travel content.

Less is more

All the services, travel products, discounts and functions could possibly drive you crazy. We help you to manage these features easily in one back-end interface, and increase your revenue with the digital E-Commerce management.