Use data to tell the story and gain more than you expect

Market smarter with personalized and automated advertising workflows, a campaign that is always on.

Choose and Target

We choose the right platforms to perform the advertisement and precisely target to potential customers based on industry expertise and existing data.

Create and Spend

We create an ad campaign with creative visuals and content; set up small amount of spending on campaign and track the activity. Gain customers’ impressions.

Track and Measure

We track customers’ impressions and collect shared traits for a future precise targeting. Measure how source, medium, keywords, content affect the reach and conversion.

Analyze and Optimize

We create customized monthly report with insights to determine which advertisement needs to be optimized, adjust the advertisement on different dimensions.

Your data, made whole

Constantly expanding your presence on the Internet can be time-consuming and labor-costing. Don’t worry! While you’ve got a business to run, let our team with the cutting-edge scientific models to handle with your marketing.

Always follow the trend

The world of social moves fast, which is why you need ATA technology that can anticipate where your next move should be. Our expertise knowledge on most major platforms and emerging social platforms helps you identify opportunities for your brand to engage with your audience.

Built for your business

Strategy is a collaborative effort, so it’s important to build a relationship and work together. Our team is committed to fully understand your business imperatives in order to launch key strategic initiatives that will drive the results you’re after. Whether it’s driving in-store traffic or acquiring new customers through an advanced awareness strategy, we create nuanced paid ads programs based on what’s most valuable to you.

Our Channels Include